Oregon Paranormal Research Society


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We are a Paranormal Research Team based in Oregon Ohio
 With a focus on excellence and integrity, we have grown into a team of objective, professional, and experienced investigators who are committed to helping you find the answers you need. OPRS is based out of Oregon, Ohio, however we travel statewide. We investigate private residences, businesses, historical, and other venues, always free of charge.

We understand that is not easy to reach out for help when you are experiencing paranormal activity, however, when contacting OPRS you can be sure you are interacting with people who are open-minded, friendly, and genually concerned about your situation. We value privacy and confidentiality. Findings will not be shared without prior permission.

Once we take on a case we use a highly effective team with an arsenal of scientific equipment to get to the bottom of what you are experiencing. Our team members will walk you through each step of the investigative process before starting and will thoroughly address any questions or concerns you may have. After an investigation, evidence will be reviewed and presented in a timely manner.


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